Stock For Sale

Stock for Sale

On Property Ram Sale Monday 8th August

Viewing from 11am, sale starts at 1pm- all on Auctions Plus.

11, 1 and 3 11

To view our Ram Sale Catalogue on Auctions Plus click:

We have photographed most lots, and lots 1-18 have been videoed. Auctions Plus are doing their best to upload photographs. If you need to see one urgently please give Kate a call on 0409 784 340.

Please see page 30 of our PDF catalogue below for Auctions Plus details.

If you want to use Auctions Plus for our sale please go to and click Sign Up at least a day before the sale, so your registration can be approved by their team. You will need to have your PIC and ABN handy.

If you require urgent assistance please call Auctions Plus on 02 9262 4222.


2018 Drop Ewe Lambs available from November 2018

  • Excellent opportunity to build your maternal genetics
  • We do not retain our commercial ewe lambs (our commercial ewes come out of the stud), so the ‘Tops’ are the ‘Tops’
  • Lambs are sired by top 5% rams on the MCP+ index.
  • Approximately 70% of lambs are out of recorded (stud) dams that average in the top 20% of the MCP+ index.
  • 74% of the dams were born multiples.
  • 85% of ewe lambs born multiples.
  • All lambs were drafted into lines that reflect their type and condition,
  • Eligible All States – OJD
  • All lambs out of the mature ewes are on ryegrass/phalaris sub-clover
    pastures with access to vetch hay and have access to lick feeders with
    lupins and barley. Across all lambs they are averaging about 260g/day.
  • Cloven Hills:
    • Specialise in maternal genetics for prime lamb producers.
    • Have the highest number of Sires in Australia’s Top 150 Maternal Sires for any stand alone stud.
    • Primary breeding objectives are fertility and growth.
    • Actively select for early growth, moderate adult weight and a good round shape.
    • Select for muscle, fat, meat eating traits, milk & worm egg count (WEC).
    • Cull for traits that have a high management cost this is critical for our family farm business, ie dag, worm egg count, large leggy ewes, bad feet, inability to hold condition.
  • In summary are aiming for well-balanced numbers, consistency in shape, type and skin while culling physically on structure, high adult weight and extremes.
  • 949a


Rams Average top 10% BAND – MCP+ Index

All animals are classed for structure.  Each of the categories below are given a score:

  • Feet colour (1 white, 2 striped, 3 black)
  • Wool (1 downsy, 5 open)*

*Note for self replacing flocks 2.5 – 3.5 is ideal. For ewes 3.5 is ideal to ensure fleece weight, openness & easycare. An ideal lamb pelt, is 2.5.

See our table of sires in OUR SHEEP.

21Sept2017 Sale rams v2IMG_1277

Sale rams v2 IMG_1242



EBVs rank animals for their genetic merit, enabling breeders to select stock on their objectives with it expressed in a $ value. Through using EBVs to select sires, progeny testing has demonstrated that better ranking sires can return up to $50 per ewe per year. If a ram produces 40 daughters/ewes per year for three years, and you join the ewe for 5 years, this is a return of $30,000. We take individual measurements such as birth, weaning and post weaning weights, eye muscle and worm egg counts. These measurements go towards calculating the EBVs. The more animals, measurements and genetic linkage, enable less environmental variation. We find EBVs an excellent tool for improving our flock’s profitability and dropping out poor performers.


Ewes for Sale:

Cloven Hills specialises in producing ewes for prime lamb production. If you are looking for ewe lambs, young or older ewes please call for details of stock that we have on offer or coming up.

IMG_4599 IMG_4606IMG_4453


Click on photo to get current Sheep Genetics data on ram

Cloven Hills CM0009 2017-170105

170105 IMG_4534

Cloven Hills CM0009 2017-170129

170129 IMG_4504

Cloven Hills CM0009 2017-170549

170549 IMG_4447

Cloven Hills CM0009 2017-170188

170188 IMG_4426

Cloven Hills CM0009 2017-170861

170861 IMG_4324

Cloven Hills CM0009 2017-170089

170089 IMG_4315

Cloven Hills CM0009 2014-140919

919 IMG_2163 919 IMG_2174

Cloven Hills CM0009 2015-150717

150717 IMG_2141 150717 IMG_2143

Cloven Hills CM0009 2011-110043


Cloven Hills CM0009 2013-130752 

12752 A IMG_2663

Cloven Hills CM0009 2011-111217

Cloven Hills CM0009 2014-140236


Cloven Hills CM0009 2014-140815

20140815 2

Cloven Hills CM0009 2016-160489

160489 IMG_2298160489 IMG_2299160489 IMG_2304

Cloven Hills CM0009 2015-150204

204 IMG_2240204 IMG_2275

Cloven Hills CM0009 2016-160777

160777 IMG_2219160777 IMG_2228

Cloven Hills CM0009 2015-150291

150291 IMG_2198
150291 IMG_2200

Cloven Hills CM0009 2015-150309

309 IMG_2126 309 IMG_2119

Cloven Hills CM0009 2011-111216

1216 IMG_5061 1216 IMG_5062