Our Sheep

Our animals are purpose bred for high performance and greater prime lamb production.


    • Australian bred for Australian conditions.
    • Resilience means they are less susceptible to worms, disease and problems associated with tough climatic conditions.
    • We run all our ewes under commercial conditions and stocking rates (19 to 22 DSE/ha depending on season).
    • Our lambs have a faster growth rate meaning a greater mean weight at an earlier age.
    • Our rams produce highly fertile ewes.  Weaning 150% is achievable if nutrition is managed.
    • Our ewe lambs mature early and can be joined at around 7+ months of age.
    • Our lambs have tight skins that consistently achieve the top skin rates.
    • Our animals have good round shape, sound confirmation and moderate adult weights.
    • Our lambs don’t require mulesing.


Qualities of Cloven Hills Ewes:

  • Moderately sized ewes producing excellent weaning and post weaning weights.
  • Highly Fertile adding significant dollars per ewe annually.
  • Dooers- hardy, we cull ewes that don’t hold their condition score (CS). We record CS through EID when stock are handled.
  • Ease of Lambing.
  • Excellent mothering and survival.
  • High milk production to drive lamb weights.
  • Early maturing for hogget mating.
  • Commercial ewes are turning off approximately 85-90% of their body weight at weaning, 12 weeks.

Qualities of Cloven Hills Rams:

    • Sound conformation.
    • Rapid growth rates
    • Very fertile
    • Selected on type
    • 70% culling rate.

Benefits of our Self-Replacing Breed:

  • Simplicity- enabling you to focus on being more productive.
  • Fewer biosecurity risks- the one thing you can’t insure for.
  • You how replacements will perform & can cut that expense from budget.
  • Having a solid and simple base enables great control of our flock.
  • Flexibility and capacity to be responsive to the market and change.
  • Continually improve genetic quality so that each generation is better than the last.