Cloven Hills

Welcome to the Cloven Hills website.


We hope this site provides you with some user friendly information that can assist your sheep operation. Our aim is to provide clients with hardy animals that perform.

As commercial and stud breeders, we understand the various pressures, constraints and challenges that regularly arise, and are constantly looking to select genetics that meet your needs.

Functionally we all have less time, as farmers increasingly have to balance the everyday practicalities of having a livestock, changing seasonal and market conditions. Commercially this means Australian farmers are always looking at how to do things better whether it be adopting new technology,  meeting transport and supply chain needs and importantly how we can produce what consumers need now and in the future.

Getting everything you want in one animal is a big ask; however, we see our job as providing structurally sound animals with objective performance information, so you can select the animals that best suit your purpose and operation.

As of September 2017, Cloven Hills has 29 sires in Australia’s Top 150 Maternal Sires, the highest of any stand-alone stud. This has been a result of selecting top genetics from Australia and New Zealand, performance recording large numbers, applying heavy selection pressure, running stock under commercial conditions and ensuring good structure and conformation. We are proud of this achievement, as we are a single stud, and feel the best genetic gains are get to come.

We enjoy assisting clients work through the breeding values for each trait, to ensure the most important traits for their operation are prioritised.

Having the right type of animal is also critical, hence we ensure an independent classer has classed animal .  We can also provide a break-down of breed by animal.